Huobi captured later... did he keep our luna? terra have you sent luna huobi?

terra captures for the airdrop at time of block 7,790,000: Thursday, 26 May 2022,16:38:08 UTC
huobi omits that… and does its own capture on May 26 20:00 utc…
There is no need to further explain that it is a scam, because most of us sold when we passed block 7790000, when it was the official capture…

huobi again scamming, capturing later in the block

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is that no one from terra is going to help us with huobi…
In the photo it is clear that I had the ust before reaching block 7790000, I am not the only one… according to huobi… they set the time… at 20:00 so no one receives anything, but this is not legal
help people from terra, are we a community? I already lost a lot of money
stop this

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They said before that in block 779000 they would capture… then today, May 29, they say another statement that the capture would be at 8:00 p.m.
in my house that is stealing

Announcement on Huobi Global about completing the distribution of first LUNA(Terra2.0) airdrops-Huobi Global-Official Huobi Website)