Didnt get airdrop

Hi there.ive had luna even before crash in my station android app.weeks ago i bought some more and transferred to my wallet but now i didnt get any airdrop.whats happening?i switched networked but only see my classic luna


Me too, please explain I have Luna on my terra station , I didn’t get airdrop and I can’t move my Luna coins back to bsc on terra bridge so what is going on?

Am I going to lose my $1200, why I am not able to bridge my coins back to bsc… will I get the airdrop, will it convert to new luna coin


We have been promised to receive airdrop as something like refund but they lied


Coins required to post transactions что это значит в строке баланса ?

My luna token on binance chain what i do i do not understand everything is black for me
Already lina listed on gateio but what i do with lina token on binance chain

Hi This is my wallet: terra1vrneldet2kvpkpt69ahankx0fgy2tya5q6vqgq

I’m also verry dissapointed with all this happening on luna.
i lost a lot of what i was holding on Binance.
To be sure i was going to receive something i move few UST to my terra wallet and you can see on transsactions i was holding UST at the time/block of post snap

But did’t received any Luna 2 . Whats going on?

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The same with me. I can only see my token at terra finder, if i change from mainnet to classic. However they are blocked, can’t do anything… what about airdrop???

( go to terra station, click on your wallet adress, at the right upper corner of terra station, you will be redirected to terra finder. There, again a the right upper corner, change from mainnet to classic. You should see your token there, now as lunc)

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You didn’t receive any because the ratio of UST to new Luna is 0.02354800084, so 26 UST doesn’t qualify for 1 luna.

do you have any information about airdrop on BSC network?

No, this will be weeks away


Here is my wallet, why didn’t I get new LUNA coins?

Hi, I had 36k luna post attack, but I heard no airdrop on exchanges. So I moved my luna to terra station on the 25th. But I did not get anything. My friend kept his on binance, he had 40k and he got his airdrop today. Am I getting anything or not?

You were too late to send them to Terra Station, the snapshot was taken at block 7790000 and you transferred at block 7813958

36k luna doesn’t qualify for 1 luna so no airdrop

What am I supposed to do? My coins were in the Trust wallet at the time, how do I get my coins?

Can you see how many coins I would get?


have to wait for luna v2 to be available on BSC? The snapshot won’t change will it?

Import your Trust Wallet seed inside Terra Station to get the airdrop.

I already did this a long time ago, but they told me that I was late, what should I do to get new coins?

I am not sure I understand your case.

Did you have any token at the block 7790000 (snapshot time)?

I had 63k luna post attack at block 7662145 and still received no airdrop. What a scam

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