Had luna post attack - no airdrop?

I hold approx 250k luna post attack and had it sitting in Coinspot. After reading some various posts i found coin spot wasn’t listed as a CEX for the airdrop, so moved my Luna to a terra wallet yesterday. I understand that regardless of where I had held it I would have been part of the snapshot, but moved it to the Terra wallet so that i could be on a native planform to receive it when it went live.

Currently I have 0 airdrop in the wallet, but have all my Luna classic in the classic wallet.

What’s the story and how do I receive my airdrop?

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I have similar problem: I have approx 400k LUNA on Avalanche and moved it to my terra wallet yesterday. Today I don`t have any airdrops, but all my LUNA (Classic) are availible in the classic wallet.

What can I do to receive more information about my airdrop?


Because you have send it after the post attack snapshot, so you won’t be eligible for the drop.

The same thing with you. But the Luna holders on Avalanche are eligible for the drop but you will get it on a later date and not today.

The same story) coins at the station from the 23rd of the day in the mainnet 0, in the classic completely old balance, when connected to the phoenix, the balance is old !!!

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Please make sure you are on the mainnet network while connecting to the station.terra.money

I need help please, terra bridge bsc to terra now I have my Luna on terra station…

I did this on 26th and now there is no airdrop and also when I go to terra bridge to move my Luna back to bsc is not letting me do it, it says you have zero balance or luna is not showing… I have 9 million luna I want my money back, I have videos of this shit not working

wait that’s a bit silly. There is a snapshot of how much everyone held across the blockchain, moving it shouldnt have any relevance to eligibility. the eligibility criteria didnt state where it had to be held or that it couldnt be moved


Also held my Luna on TrustWallet, moved them yesterday may27th to TerraStation. No drop received. Would love if anybody can point me to an explanation? Cheers!


You have held Luna in trustwallet over which network?

Sorry man, the Cex where you were holding your Tokens won’t go with the airdrop thing for its users. Can’t help in this.

And you have moved tokens to the Terra wallet after the snapshots, so clearly you are not eligible here

Sorry - was holding my (post-attack) Luna on TrustWallet over Terra Network. Moved them yesterday may27th to a new wallet on TerraStation. No drop received. If you can point me to some tech explanation? Thanks!

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I have the same condition. First install Terra extension on pc and then recover wallet using the seed phrase of trustwallet and then connect that recovered trustwallet to station.terra.money and you will see the airdropped Luna tokens there

I’m just shocked.
I’ve been out of touch for 2 days since May 26.
I supported and believed in Luna all this time as much as I could and that’s why I bought wUST when it was worth 0.4 - 0.6.
Now this wUST costs 10 times less.

It turns out that to be included in the post snapshot I had to exchange my wUST for regular UST before May 26 ?

I won’t get Luna tokens from the new network at all, did I undurstand correctly?


Maybe do you know where holders on Avalanche will receive drop: on Avalanche network or on Terra? And how can I understand will I receive something or not? I send my LUNA tokens to my Terra wallet May-27-2022 02:43:40 PM +UTC.

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Can anyone tell me why didnt i get luna airdrop?ive had luna before crash and after that,i bought some more and held in station wallet.now only thing i have is my classic luna?whats wrong with them

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thanks for replying, got it figured out. kudos.

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Please wait for the details.

How about for upcoming vesting cliffs dates?

Coinspot has received the Airdrop if you check the address on terra station, they not paying its members