I have received less Luna than I should according to Airdrop Calculation


I had 1592,413 aUST + 6,64737 cLUNA + 6,538106 LUNC pre-attack. (My cLUNA and LUNC’s were staked in Loop Finance as LP Token). According to calculations which I detailed below, I should have received more Luna.

Expected Result

According to calculations from Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic | by Zion Schum | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium ;

cLUNA is 1:1 with LUNC. So at total, I had 13,185476 LUNC (6,64737 cLUNA + 6,538106 LUNC. Again it is staked on Loop Finance as LP Token) for the airdrop. Which should grant me allocation for (13,185476 * 1,034735071) 13,64347 LUNA

Also, I had 1592,413 aUST on my Terra Station Wallet. Again according to calculations from the Medium post I should have received (1592,413 * 0,01827712143) 29,10472 LUNA

So at total I should have received, 42,74819 LUNA (29,10472 LUNA from aUST + 13,64347 LUNA from LUNC)

You will find proofs as a link to Terra Finder for my wallet address and the Tx Hash’s of transactions that prove the balances of the tokens mentioned.

Actual Result

I have received 35,878316 LUNA at total. (10,763496 unlocked + 25,11482 vesting)

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

You can find my wallet at:

1-) Terra Finder

2-) You can see the Tx Hash of 2 withdrawals of aUST (after the pre-attack snapshot) :

  • 18C8DA11C152BC6DC35D06EE8F61AA2F70FB0C77A2EE1D7373B762BD108C9251 / 801,423 aUST

  • E27B37153A20A20519E25297A28E0760C99A53DFF30282575679C299E92E8FE9 / 790,99 aUST

3-) You can find the Tx Hash for depositing LUNC and cLUNA to LP token in Loop Finance.


This LP token is still staked on Loop Finance.

Thanks in advance.

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Same here, I had 1,637.814358 aUST (of which 1,635.208592 as collateral on mirror) but only received around 9+21 LUNA v2 instead of the expected ~42
Wallet here
Thank you for the support in those difficoult times

Pre-attack LUNA holders: 35%
All bonded / unbonding Luna, minus TFL at “Pre-attack” snapshot; staking derivatives included
For wallets with < 10k Luna: 30% unlocked at genesis; 70% vested over 2 years with 6mnth cliff
For wallets with < 1M Luna: 1 year cliff, 2 year vesting thereafter
For wallets with > 1M Luna: 1 year cliff, 4 year vesting thereafter
:arrow_right:You can’t get LUNA2 right away because you have >10k LUNC holder.

Pre-attack aUST holders: 10%
500K whale cap - covers up to 99.7% of all holders but only 26.72% of aUST
30% unlocked at genesis; 70% vested over 2 years thereafter with 6 month cliff
:arrow_right:You will only receive 30% of UST’s rights immediately.

My LUNA wallet is on Binance.com and they also haven’t given me the full amount expected. But it’s still early in the first day of the airdrop so be patient. There’s still a few more days to go. Also, %70 of your airdrop will be dripped into your wallet over 2 years, remember.

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I think you did not read my post, I specifically wrote down the ones that are vesting and the ones that are unlocked. I am aware of the distribution process but thanks for reaching out anyway