Calculation of airdrop

Hello, everyone.

I have a question, but could not find any answer.
My question has to do with the number of coins that are given after the drop. I bought a LUNA after the attack, namely on May 15. I looked at Do Kwon’s drop calculation example and still don’t understand.
Here is an example:
Calculation after the attack.
(Total LUNA owned by User A post-attack / Total LUNA owned by Exchange post-attack) x Post-attack LUNA allocation
= (100 / 10M) x 1M
= 10 LUNA

Following this logic, if I have 30,000 LUNA in my wallet, I should get 3,000 LUNA of new coin, right? but Do Kwon allocates 100,000,000 new coin to all the people who bought LUNA after the attack. What about those people who have 1 billion LUNA) (if there are any), since their 10% is 100,000,000 LUNA)

Taking the way I calculated with the total supply in the market, I can get 3 new LUNA coins for my 30,000 LUNA. If I spent $ 6 for 30.000 old LUNA, and after the drop I get 3 new LUNA at a price of 0.5 cents + 70% will be blocked - this is sad.

Who was able to figure this out, can you please help me calculate on the example of 30.000 LUNA after the attack, which I keep on Binance.

Thank you!


Divide by 65,333

Well A lot said 1Luna = 69000 Luna(c), I don’t know from where they got this, but what am sure of is not all will be happy for aidrops nor new luna chain.


here’s the official calculation example: docs/ at main · terra-money/docs · GitHub


This is my first time seeing that page, but it looks like that calculation works on the basis of how much Luna your particular exchange has overall. I have been using this community member’s calculator as a guide personally, it definitely stops me from expecting too much from my post-attack Luna :laughing: Luna Airdrop | TerRarity


I too am guided by this official example. But by that logic, I should get 3,000 new coins, right?

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Please do not make calculations based on the example, it clearly says ‘none of the following balances are real’ - so that includes the exchange balances.

That’s why examples are given, so that users can roughly calculate based on them. Well, it’s easier to wait and be disappointed than to torture yourself with such calculations.


Yes, better to wait than expect 3000 Luna.

@overtaker So 1M will give me 100,000 Luna Classic?

I have Luna on roqqu exchange, will I still benefit from the airdrop as post attack holder, because I can’t transfer to terra station.

A validator put an FAQ on twitter with an example how to work out what you’ll get. In your particular case you’d take 0.000015 X your holdings, so you’ll get approx. 0.45 tokens.

The calculation is correct they considered upto final chain halt , 12th may 2022 before halt the price was 0.03 usd and only 14billion tokens in circulation so he might considered only before 12thmay 2022 final chain halt…at rate of 0.03 usd…so this calculation could be correct and dont worry about present trillion luna holders as they remain same after partition


I wish they consider the pre halt price for the new allocation. Lease

hello can anyone tell me how the airdrops work im not sure if i get any and if i get them automatically or do i have to do something, i use ndax and im new to this so im just not sure, thanks alot if anyone can help… i bought on may 13 and i have 2.5 m luna tokens

Airdrop is only a few hours away so I guess we can just wait and see eh? Haha.

Much love!

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If you bought 30000 tokens after attack , I think you will get 30000 x 0.000015 = 0.45 new tokens.

  • 30% to its community pool.
  • 35% to pre-attack LUNA holders.
  • 10% to pre-attack UST holders.
  • 10% to post-attack LUNA holders.
  • 15% to post-attack UST holders.

Why the heck does post UST get more than pre aUST?