Understanding Token Quantity For Airdrop - Pre & Post UST Holders

I just received my airdrop and it appears to be incorrect. I have 230K UST that was in Anchor pre-attack and in my Terra Wallet post-attack. From what I understand, that 230K UST would qualify for both snapshots, correct? Using the airdrop calculator (Luna Airdrop | TerRarity), I should’ve received 1,780.9209 LUNA for my pre-attack UST and 917.6391 LUNA for my post-attack UST. Instead of that genesis amount of 1,780.92 + 917.64 (2698.56 total) I received 2,303.93. Why was I shorted 394.63?

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Hi Bobby, seems the support section has been closed to new posts, I had UST45,164 pre attack and UST48,192.86 (in Terra Station), post attack and now i have LUNA 545.473178 which is worth around USD0.05c it equates to a pre attack LUNA82.8 exchange rate. I’d have been much better off selling the UST48.2k for 0.1 on the USD

I receive the airdrop and look in

I make a table with vested and received …and :smiling_face_with_tear:
only if LUNA value will achieve 26.3 U$ …we receive 100% …with no rewards

the incoming coin should be airdrop + 30% to our station wallet, right?

hello I had about 63000 aust before attack.
I must have had around 1500 luna with the simulator. I only got 950 (285 now and 667 vesting.
Who should I ask if the calculation is correct?

thank you