Incomplete Airdrop

Hi, I need assistance with my airdrop.
There’s a huge portion missing - on the 7th of May I had roughly 1500nluna deposited in a Spectrum vault and I withdraw to bLuna to deposit as extra collateral as the attack was happening.

Here is my wallet terra1vsn53dezv6vu8h7fj64vkfm8rlgmrukncdplaz

I would be really grateful to know if I’m eligible as I believe nLuna and spectrum was part of the airdrop group.

Thank you.

hey, already forwarded your case to the team to investigate after your first post. no feedback yet, we’ll get back to you once there is some info.

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Hello, I need you to chek my airdrop.
My wallet is terra1nyu7tu89v8dqptm0w9cnzngcs7qgwe5zdrkr2e
I think I recived less Luna than expected, because I had 29266 aUST before the attack.

Would you check it?

Thank you.

hey, you had 23508 aUST, the conversion rate between aUST and UST can be found here (top right)


Thank you

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Hi, thanks for your reply.
How mach Luna should I get?
Because I have only 128 available, plus 300 for Vesting. Is it ok?

sounds about right, the aUST ratio is 0,01827712143 (check this article for ratios Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic | by Zion Schum | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium)

so 0,01827712143 × 23508 = ~429
30% available immediately → 429 * 0,3 = ~128, the rest is staked / vested

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Hello. I bought 47 LUNA on April 07 in HitBTC. After the Airdrop, I only received 0.000216 LUNA (2.0) in my terra1k7plyxhw6fqy5srcyyengpy667v7n3853vc4la wallet. I understood that I’m elegible to receive 14.4 LUNA (2.0), a 30% of the 47 LUNA bought in April.
Thanks in advance for your help / explanation.

Hi, you will need to contact your exchange about this, they are the ones distributing your airdrop.

A quick look at this wallet address makes me think it is the exchange’s wallet, not your personal address.

Thank you rosanne89 for your response. Firstly I wrote to HitBTC support and they answered me this:

Please note that we’ve distributed the airdrop in accordance with the coin developers. If you’re uncertain regarding the airdrop rules or eligibility, don’t hesitate to contact them on the matter - they should be able to comment on this better.

That is why I am writing here. And yes, it’s a exchange wallet. Is that a problem?
Thanks for your help.

Nothing can be done from Terra’s side. All we can do is help you understand why you didn’t get it.

Yes, being an exchange wallet is a problem because we cannot see your personal holdings, what you had in your personal wallet at the times of the snapshots (may 7 and may 27).

Perhaps this can help you work it out. To me it sounds like there was nothing in your wallet at the first snapshot, only the second, which qualifies you for the ratio 1:0.000015307927.

Thank you rosanne89. Someone else wrote to me opening a ticket with my case and I am resolving now the issue with a new wallet instead the exchange wallet.

careful there, “Someone else wrote to me opening a ticket with my case” sounds like a 100% scam, never trust DMs

Thanks alagis for your message and advice.
Is this site (https stations - terramoney . com/) secure? I didn’t transferred nothing yet anyway.

Thank you again for your explanation. The ratio you mentioned applied to my funds is exactly what I received. That explains everything, not good news though.

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Nope the right site is
Please don’t connect your wallet on any of the scam sites and don’t provide your seed phrase to anyone.


Huobi global bu e-posta ya
"Luna Airdrop dagitimi hakkinda:

Merhabalar uid:301432275

Borsanizda 17:49 04/29’da 1.00 usdt fiyatından 10080.9338 UST aldım. Yine 18:27 04/29’da 1.00 usdt fiyatından 30246.8352 UST aldım ve soz konusu toplam 40327.77 UST’mi Huobi earn’de esnek stake yatırdım. Söz konusu aUST’yi saldırıdan sonra 01:05 05/10’da 40360.059842 getirisiyle beraber farklı bir borsaya aktardım. Terra grubunun açıklaması olan kurtarma planında pre attack holders aUST sahiplerine Luna airdropu verileceği açıklamıştır."

Ancak Huobi globalde saldırı öncesi Ust dahil edilmemiş kontrol eder misiniz.Huobi Global Supports the Migration and Upgrade of LUNA and UST-Huobi Global-Official Huobi Website


aUST and UST are different things. Only aUST (UST on Anchor protocol) received the airdrop from the snapshot on 7/5.