New mi̇ssi̇on for luna classi̇c


After the LUNC fork, set up a new misson and a new management.
Example LUNC could become a payment system. should definitely continue with a new team.


After the fork, the Luna Classic survives and attracts new users with a new misson.


A small core team for new team Luna classic
a new misson(an example is card payment system,a bitpay-like system)
Lunc infrastructure system for using lunc for game purchases and payments for movies and similar or like system

A new mobile wallet is a payment system integrated with banks. example Lunc spend directly in dollars via card.
card usage taxes 3 - 2.5%
Transfer taxes 2%
Burn Luna Classic with tax. and buy lunac with some of it. Create stake pools of purchased Luna classics.
a new website
and a new logo work

Please consider this and make a decision for LUNC.
Announce this before the Fork.


Great idea!

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My company can build a Luna Classic Mastercard available worldwide


They already have plans for LUNC which will be unveiled if fork proposal passes. May also include some of your ideas

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if this is correct then that should be discussed by them before the vote so everyone has a full understanding of what will happen to the value both financially and goodwill wise of Luna, currently it sounds like they just want to walk away and start afresh

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If they announce this before the fork, I’ll vote for the fork.

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I think that the fees for using the card would make me not use it. Comparing it with others currently on the market

The only plans “they” should have for LUNC, would be to let it in hands of the community. Both tokens are going to compete for userbase, and they cant be controlling both at the same time.