Joint L1 Task Force

Joint L1 Task Force
In recognition of the maintenance updates required for the Luna Classic blockchain, I propose that the Luna Classic community contract several experienced blockchain developers to complete the required updates to upgrade and stabilize the L1 layer. At the height of Terra, Terraform Labs had a team of 6-8 senior L1 blockchain developers. With this level of support, developers could focus on innovation in addition to security and maintenance. Given our current situation, as well as severe budget constraints, I am proposing that we budget to hire the equivalent of 3 full time L1 blockchain developers to focus primarily on essential maintenance upgrades to be completed in the next 4-6 months. Upon the successful stability upgrades, the development team would transition to more innovative and long term advancements.

The proposed team of individuals would be three members of the community that have significantly contributed to the L1 layer in the past 7 months, specifically Tobias, Ed, and Till, with invaluable contributions from Notional Labs (Jacob Gadikian’s group). The concrete L1 developments delivered (in-part or whole) by this team include re-enable staking, re-enable delegation, parameterized on-chain burn tax, re-enable IBCs, and dragonberry exploit patch. Additional support on parameter chain updates, relayers, CEX coordination, innovative chain proposals, and community educational materials have also been delivered by these individuals.

In close collaboration with Notional Lab’s recommendation (notional/ at master · notional-labs/notional · GitHub), we have outlined the following tasks,

Quarter 1

January, 2023

  • Establish process and product backlog for L1 team.
  • Establish a “community oversight committee” for this L1 team, with trusted third parties. (PFC, DJTrev, StrathCole)
  • Assess the possibility of introducing upgrade handlers to utilize software upgrade governance proposals.
  • Assess the state of our current “version map” and determine how it can be patched to reflect the current state of our system.
  • Continue working on the “genesis import” problem to maintain a “fallback strategy” if “version map” cannot be patched.
  • Adjust ante handler to send 50% of “burn tax” to community pool & 50% to treasury burn wallet.
  • Test/Upgrade “estimate-fee” client logic (LCD) in auth module to ensure “burn tax” is calculated correctly.
  • Test/Upgrade IBC denom whitelist.
  • Propose governance for no canonical github repo.
  • Test, push, and upgrade testnet with version 1.0.5
  • Test, push, and upgrade mainnet with version 1.0.5

February, 2023

  • Investigate PebbleDB/BadgerDb for speed improvements to the backend, discontinue support for goleveldb/rocksdb.
  • Transition to iavl fast node via iavl 0.19.4.
  • Implement upgrade handlers to utilize software upgrade governance proposals.
  • Assess the viability of using cosmovisor for future chain upgrades.
  • Test upgraded chain to Cosmos SDK v0.45.11 with TFL patches to support oracle.
  • Test upgraded chain to Tendermint v0.34.21 with TFL patches to support oracle.
  • Work closely with infrastructure* and L2 wallet providers/partners* on the Classic chain to ensure compatibility with Cosmos 45.11 and Tendermint v0.34.21.
  • Propose governance for Mev-Tendermint.
  • Test, push, and upgrade testnet with version 2.0.4
  • Test, push, and upgrade mainnet with version 2.0.4

March, 2023

  • Investigate updating to canonical version of Tendermint v0.37.
  • Ensure the priority and compatibility with Oracle transactions (tx) compared to other tx’s once we adopt Tendermint v0.37.
  • Secure and deploy Oracle with sha256 to all validators.
  • Fork TFL Interchain wallet, develop potential solutions to the bech32 problem at the wallet level, and present multiple solutions to TFL.* **
  • Impact analysis of upgrade to Cosmwasm v1.0.0 to assess effect on migrating L2 wasm contracts from 0.16.6.
  • Augment the current WASM virtual machine to fit with Cosmwasm v1.0.0.
  • Reach out to Assaf from Secret Network to understand dual VM setup.
  • Conclusions of quarter 1. Community assessment of team activities. Governance vote to continue funding team activities.

*Additional budgets may be requested for infrastructure and L2 wallet providers/partners to assist during these stages.

**Interchain Wallet compatibility is contingent upon bech32 resolution.

The requested budget for the following activities is,

  1. 1 full time developer (Tobias) at a rate of $12.5K USD per month
  2. 1 full time developer (Notional Labs) at a rate of $12.5k USD per month
  3. 1 part time developer (Till) at a rate of $6.25k USD per month
  4. 1 part time developer (Ed) at a rate of $6.25k USD per month

This is the equivalent budget of 3 full time developers at the yearly rate of $150k USD.

Additional budget requested,

  1. (1) part time assistant at the rate of $2.5k USD per month
  2. (2) stipends for training budget at $2.5k (x2, total $5k) USD per month
  3. Discretionary budget of $750 per senior developer (x3) for computing

Additional Budget Justification -

One part time assistant is requested to handle the following activities - attendance of every meeting, meeting minutes, interfacing with the community, running twitter spaces to keep community updated, accounting of budget, handling public requests, organization of team, oversight of tasks, documentation of L1 upgrade procedure, documentation updates for developers, etc.

Two junior developers training budget is requested to upskill junior developers committed to helping the L1 development, with the desired goal to have them learn the inner workings of cosmos-sdk, tendermint, and be able to contribute to the future of Luna Classic. Two developers that have already shown initiative are Frank and Zorro. Junior developers will attend all meetings and be tasked with specific deliverables, documentation, and research. Ultimately, the goal is to foster additional talent and L1 developers to provide a solid foundation and remove the centralized reliance on only a handful of developers.

Discretionary budget for computing. As a developer of a highly performant blockchain, computing costs should be budgeted. These are based upon personal costs that I currently spend.

($480) The nodes that I use are Linode instances, 32GB models are $240 per month (2x). One is for Testnet, one is for a full node on Columbus-5.

($120) Two test nodes, one playground node, one Osmosis node for IBC tests, $60 each.

($100) NVME cloud memory is 0.10c per gigabyte. 1TB of memory for Columbus-5 is $100 per month

(~$100) High memory models 150GB run at $480 per month. These are required to export the state of Columbus-5. I usually do not run these more than necessary.

Total spend per month is ~$800. These are indicative of supplemental costs for L1 development.

Total Budget Requested

Budget for L1 development will be requested quarterly, and subject to successful deliveries and community governance. For quarter 1, the budget requested is,

$37.5k = $12.5k (Tobias (Zaradar)) x 3 months
$37.5k = $12.5k (Notional Labs) x 3 months
$18.75k = $6.25k (Till (Fragwuerdig)) x 3 months
$18.75k = $6.25k (Ed) x 3 months
$7.5k = $2.5k (admin) x 3 months
$15.0k = $2.5k (junior devs) x 2 x 3 months
$6.75k = $750 compute budget per month x 3 senior developers x 3 months


$141.75k Total for quarter 1

0.991 B LUNC - LUNC conversion at 0.000143

Distribution of payments will happen monthly at the end of every calendar month given appropriate milestones have been achieved, approval from the oversight committee, and approval from Terra Grants Foundation signers of the multisig. The multi-sig wallet from the Terra Grants Foundation wallet is controlled by Ed, Marco, and Jagmot (Allnodes). While this is an independent proposition by individuals, we are asking TGF to assist with reports, community engagement, and accountability.

In the event that any L1 related proposition or funding request comes to TGF, Ed will play no part in the evaluation or oversight in that proposition to eliminate any perceived conflict of interest.


Hello Edward. I like the idea in general and I appreciate the road map like plan. If this can be widely supported and implemented, I would love to be a part of this. I currently work at a company as a CSR and would be interested in the part time assistant position. Please let me know if I can be of any help.


Thank you Ed, I have lots of confidence in you and really appreciate you guys continued efforts. Definitely a yes from me.


Let’s pay them right now!


I support this. We should also ensure that communication to public on the status updates are taken care by admin or others who volunteer to connect with this group and share timely updates. This will reduce the dependency (periodic communication) on developers to focus on planned deliverables.


i support this proposal i would like to pay our Dev’s more money for their work but sadly our community pool won’t let us atm.


Well this exactly what we need. This is also how a professional outlines all the tasks and budget for the work. Thank you Ed for this. You sir are such a blessing for this community. With the new funding props we came up with these funds will be easily reached as well.


I’m waiting to see the whole process of LUNC project to achieve the target

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Great proposal. Exactly how one should be formulated and presented. :+1:
But aren’t you a a little light on the Discord Admin front? … Just kidding!! :joy:

All jokes aside, this will be the restart this chain needs. Solid work Ed!


I support this proposal. Thank you EK very much.


The gang is together again. Thanks for all your efforts!


anyone can/should ask whatever they value themselfs however:

  • 2/3 times salary of a Doctor
  • 2 times the President/Prime minister of a country
  • 10 times the EU average wage
  • on pair with major company senior manager
  • 2 times top judge
  • 4/5 times average EU lawer

just saying


Thanks Ed Great proposal from the objectives/tech roadmap/ budgeting perspective!

Some suggestions:

  1. What is the project goal for Q1? The goal is above all the technical objectives aka maintenance and upgrades. Would be helpful if we make the goal clearly communicated to the community, such as Parity with v2 to bring in v2 dApps or compatibility with v2 interchange/Alliance initiatives.

  2. What would be the potential positive business outcomes or negative consequences if everything goes well or not?

  3. What does the community need to do in this project specifically? Specifically for the budgeting approval and fund-raising.


100% support some meaningful work being done, thanks Ed and Tobias for not giving up on LUNC. Onwards and upwards. Cheers Ramo


Who is Till?


A well written proposal.


  1. Who will audit the codes? Will it be the job of TGF ?
  2. Where is the budget for TGF?
  3. Please explain the reason behind “Propose governance for no canonical github repo.”
  4. Who will be the owners of the LUNC blockchain repos?
  5. If the team quits which I doubt will happen, what claim does the community have to the intellectual properties, including ownership of the repos.?

The following is a suggestion on loaning $1M/$2M from the $65M Oracle pool to the CP for L1/L2 development. This loan will insignificantly affect the staking rewards for a number of years. This is explained in Ed’s article of the diminishing staking rewards from the Oracle Pool. Additionally, a part of the 10% or 50% from the burn tax revenue, can be used to repay the loan with interest, to the Oracle Pool. This will put to rest the challenge which may ensue with respect to the payments of the developers et al.


Why dont pay lunc holder?
Nice stealers
no with veto

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Thanks Ed… this is what we need as a community… the only thing i disagree on is
DJ Trev…he has no clue on what you do…or how any of it works (which he has stated many times in his vids)… we need someone who understands way more than he does… someone that can break it down for others that dont understand it either…this is my only complaint about this proposal…the rest i am all for it…


Fantastic. I love it- and think it is such a small price to pay for the efforts you and the team WILL DO and HAVE DONE.

People keep focusing on where money is going, I think it is also important to realize these guys worked FOR FREE, AND HARD. This should be approved based on past merit/accomplishments alone. Proud of you all- Keep on Keeping on.


He will be a “Press Secretary”. He will do good.