Kucoin Suspended Dep/With for ERC20 Terra LUNA

“Deposit and Withdrawal Services of ERC20 Terra (LUNA) Tokens Temporarily Closed”
2022/05/25 10:55:35Announcements

Needing to transfer to Terra Station for snapshot. Is there any other way to send LUNA?

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Kucoin is a very robust platform but I feel it is largely run by very dishonest people. I have been banned from Kucoin support for asking questions.

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They just announced that they will support the airdrop and luna 2.0. So you will get your airdrop over there at Kucoin.

quick question what happen to any luna bought earlier this week that was held on kucoin ? thanks

At this point it looks like Kucoin took our money too.

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They are so terrible. Bought my LUNA there simply out of convenience.
Now my holdings are gone and they’ve halted all LUNA trading.

I’m also trying to withdraw my Luna from Kucoin to send over to Terra Station, but the withdrawal fee is ridiculous. Will I get Airdroped In Kucoin? is this information about being airdrop in Kucoin precise?


came across this just now

  1. The original chain will still function and be re-branded as Terra Classic .
  • The original Cosmos chain will still run, with market swaps (mint/burn function) disabled.
  • All balances will remain as they are.
  • Luna will become Luna Classic (LUNC).
  • Terra stablecoins (UST, KRT, EUT, etc.) will be renamed Terra Classic stablecoins (USTC, KRTC, EUTC, etc.).

Was that posted by Kucoin or by a different exchange?