UST from Coinbase Pro to Terra Station Wallet

I am trying to move UST out of Coinbase Pro and into my Terra Station Wallet for the airrop.
The instructions on theTerra Station site instruct to use my Terra station wallet address for receiving the UST.
But Coinbase says it is not a UST address.
What address should I use?
Also, can I send the UST directly to my wallet or must it be bridged.
My apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong section.

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I think it’s too late now.

Thanks for the reply.
All posts stated that the snapshot would be taken on the 27th??
Either way, I need to get the UST out because Coinbase no longer supports it.
I have googled how to do this but cannot find clear instruction.
Was planning to send UST to Kucoin since they are supporting the airdrop but they are not accepting LUNA or UST deposits.
Much Thanks

You should wait for cexs to open the deposits and withdrawals.

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If I have classic Luna-UST staked at Astroport, do I need to unstake it to get airdrop of v2 token(s)?

It’s the 27th in Singapore right now.

The UST on coinbase is a wrapped ethereum token. So you’d have to send it to the ethereum network, and then bridge it over to terra network. Given how unstable everthing is today with the updates/forks/upgrades I would recommend waiting, who knows what’s going on. You can always sell your UST just for USD to get out since it doesn’t matter anymore for the airdrop.

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Thanks Joe. Was def thinking about selling. Is UST going to be obsolete?
JUst wondering before I sell.

Yes, UST will not exist on the new chain.