KYCed Attackers Remain at Large

Serious question: How does anyone feel comfortable going forward without bringing the attackers to justice first?

Five months ago, when Mirror Protocol came under attack, I pointed out if the attackers were not identified and dealt with, they would come back and launch more attacks, which just happened.

And I point out the same thing again, that if the attackers, who had to pass Binance’s highest level of KYC verification to launch a part of their attack from Binance, are not identified and dealt with, they will come back again.

Can anyone in Terra give any security assurances regarding future attacks and why the attackers are not being pursued with at least a pressure campaign on Binance, who allowed the attackers to violate their Terms of Service while taking no action?


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Fiatman Intelligence Operation is still going eh? The guy who stanned for fiat then claimed it was more stable than UST because the collateral that backed it was “demand.” Best line ever.

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Because the person that did it is Justin Sun the founder of tron network

Fiatman is CIA. He already contracted himself. “I don’t need lawyers because I speak the truth. D’oh! I used the wrong legal term.”

How did he know he used the wrong legal term without lawyers? Is he one himself?


I’m sick and tired of @FatMan

get off your soapbox you conspiracy theory obsessed fat asshole

now he’s launching a sca.m litigation fund lmfaooooo

fatman acts like he just found out exchanges and VCs are profit driven

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This fatman must have lost some money in UST and now he is on a witch-hunt in the name of community. He is very deceptive to say the least…