The Attack on Terra was Preceded by Attacks on Mirror

Thought I would remind people that months ago, some large attackers tried to destroy Mirror Protocol by spamming governance with many proposals that would give them millions of $ in MIR tokens from the Community under the guise of “burning MIR to increase price.”

I would not be surprised if these were the same attackers who attacked Terra. The Terra community must launch an investigation into the attackers because we know the governments are not going to investigate their owners in TradFi.

I posit the attackers were most likely from TradFi and/or western intelligence based on the following clues and evidence:

  • The attackers were KYCed on Gemini (a US Exchange) and Binance, shorting 100,000 BTC on the former and selling off $650 million UST on the latter to cause a depeg. They were allowed to violate both platforms Terms of Use against Market Manipulation without having their accounts frozen or suspended for suspicious activity per their own policies.
  • The attackers were allowed by Twitter to create many spam accounts to spread Fud surrounding UST at the time of attack to cause a bank run.
  • The mainstream media totally ignored the attackers and immediately went on a smear campaign against Do Kwon and Terra.

there was no attack it was a house of cards, the more it grew the more the probability that it could fall increased, I do not exclude the fact that the treader who knew the technical details did not take advantage of this situation to earn short,

how is it market manipulation