Let the market decide

Let’s fork Terra into multiple chains with different distribution schemes. Let the one with most users survive, and others perish.

For example,

Terra Two: Following proposal from validator community
Terra Three: Cut UST holders, use snapshot when total supply of Terra was around 4B, given this was the point when TFL had last chance to save the boat
Terra Four: Cut Luna holders, save only UST holders
Terra Five: Screw everyone, take just builders

and let the market decide.

That would have to be the stupidest idea ever.

Think about it. You launch say 5 new chains which means people need to workout which one they want to support the brand is damaged this would lead to terra losing everything.

The only way is to bring in new developments, make terra law that no algorithmic token or coin to ever happen on the terra network again.

And forget having a stable coin.