Luna Independence proposal

Let them do their v2.

Many of us agreed to an Independence of luna classic.

It will be called iluna - i for independent.

It will be fully apart of terraform labs.

Fully decentralized and community driven.

If it needs ceo, for the starting i will be here.

Lets do a proposal and voting, that terra form labs will give us the keys and then they can go in whatever direction they want.

Leave us iluna and go.

We will repair what was done wrong and 2years after we will be for sure ontop again.




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im with you mate.
this seems to be the best solution, let the community get control over luna classic.

since they will abandon it it would be great.

but i think they are criminal and they will never leave it alone.

with you

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you got any dev team with you , we urgent need de for implement burn system to old luna , ppl lost hope right now , at least burn some token so ppl can see hope

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We all want an independent Luna. The problem is finding the developers.

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Talking to a dev acquaintance atm about letting our ecosystem use their algorithm for our stablecoin and overall economy. We may not need a fork or a burn.


This particular proposal should be gaining a lot of interest. Unfortunately only 1623 is pinned. I’m trying to maintain faith in how these proposals are presented, but presently, things are heavily weighted against equal exposure.

Read the OP’s comments. Raise the profile of 1242. If you’re looking for a community driven v1 Luna, and assuming a democratic ability to make it so, I would suggest the right leadership could be found here.

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Tiago stfu plesse