[PROPOSAL] LUNA CLASSIC to be continued by CZ & BURN

Ask CZ to take over Luna Classic and follow @HelloThere’s proposal.


yes CZ luna classic and busd = best project ever

Need someone to directly get in touch with CZ or make it so big on trending Twitter with influencers that CZ follows can done only.

There is already a gossip about that situation, may be it will come true in the future.

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This community has to be called Terra, if they fork they have to change their name

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humm interesting

CZ would make for a great partner, but I don’t think he would want to run “Classic” or whatever we will call it.

My plan goes over that. ALL We need to DO IS get the keys from Do Kwon, so to speak and create a new ecosystem for both LUNA & UST, remove the algorithmic relationship and create a new sustainable decentralized plan using other crypto and stable coins. Then we need to build a dev team, to not only fix this issue, but create a burn tax, and build on the platform with new projects.

Imo like coke, we could make the classic Luna better than new Luna.

Take some time, go over my plan and please comment any ideas or suggestions.

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There is no need to be Mr.CZ who lead this actions… Since apparently this will be a hardfork Ethereum like, an there will be a luna “classic” (original chain) and new luna (Luna) The luna “classic” should be totally community driven and implement a blended burning ideas, get rid of ust or change it for another collateralized stable coin and implement all changes needed via softfork. Dev teams could be pay by transaction taxes as well and new government as community wish…

Pd… . If Mr. CZ want to lead of course will be better.

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