Luna Holders

The total supply of the new luna is 1 Billion.

  • Pre-attack LUNA holders: 35%
    350 Million

The total supply of the LUNAC was 345 Million so If you bought 100 LunaC, you will get 115 new luna.

  • Post-attack LUNA holders: 10%
    10 Million

The total supply is 6.5 trillion now.
650000 LunaC = 1 Luna

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Well but does the UST burn thats comming has an effect to the current luna price?

Your math is a bit off.

10 Percent = 100 million. So 65,000 LUNA =1 new LUNA

This plan also means pre attack LUNA Hodlers only will get a maximum of 15-20 % recorory rate (based on $88 per LUNA before the attack).

That is why my plan is important to pre attack LUNA hodlers as it will help make them whole.

See my plan at

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According to LUNC current price 0.000148, 65000 LUNC = 1 LUNA = 9.62
And 1 LUNC = 1.15 LUNA, so basically LUNC is from 57 down to 11.
Really LUNA still has value of 11?

Your figures are way out current supply is 3.13T

What about people who bought during the attack of 8 to 12 may?

Price was still high at that point and supply was low.

Why are we getting out of 6.5T supply.

When we bought the supply was at 450M to 5B max.

At least make it fair and distribute according to the supply people bought at!

Or 3 snapshot is needed.

1-before the attack
2-before the last halt
3-as proposed on 27th may


There wasn’t any attack to begin with.

Agreed. People who bought in the range 80-0.1 are screwed. They hold nothing compared to other people buying at 10^-5.


2022.05.12 at PM 12:00 I bought 45000 luna/usdt. what is my status

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I also bough on 5/12 at 5 AM PST when the MC was 8 billion. Both of us will be lumped into the 6.5 trillion MC group for the calculation. I’ll need the price you paid per token, but assuming you $0.01 you will not get 65 token (9.77 at Genesis and 55 by full 2 year vest). So we get nothing we are getting screwed the most.

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so its best to hold ust than luna?

They were attacked by themselves to cashout and create the 3rd p0nzi
100k wasted to get refunded with 1 dollar

Whatever that was, supply was relatively low.

Or maybe don’t distribute at all if they are not making fair.

They are giving back to those who sold and fled away.

But whoever bought and hold during 8 to 12 may literally getting nothing.

Everyone who bought during this time should raise their voice, they need to consider it.

First proposal was at least better for us, we were included.

In the final decision we were left out.

We need three snapshot to get this fair.

1-Before the attack (As they suggested)
2-before the last halt (probably on 12 th may)
3-like they proposed.

Everyone would be equal in that sense, we don’t want to be left out.

LUNA holders have to be refunded BY LAW.
Can’t insert links so google this:

"Terra’s initial whitepaper capped the distribution of Luna coins to 800 million, with 400 million in circulation. But more than 6 trillion Luna tokens were issued over the span of a few days in May."


A lot of people like @FatMan only defend UST on the grounds that it’s supposed to be stable and LUNA is risky, but if we assume LUNA can go to 0, so can UST. We can’t have one without the other. If UST is supposed to be stable, so is LUNA.

Accepting the death spiral means UST has the same inherent risks as LUNA since they are tied.

I approached a law firm in Singapore on behalf of both UST and LUNA holders. We don’t separate either group by fighting for scraps for what’s left of off LFG.

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Here’s the official calculation example: docs/ at terra-2.0 · terra-money/docs · GitHub