They prepared documentation for terra classic. I think they have plans. They can announce it soon :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for a nice roadmap for classic, I hope them community listens and burns in future

SC: not active

Nice. That’s very positive and hopefull. I think Luna Classic will have a bright future…

I hold quite a few Luna Tokens now. Since the price is too low and not pumping im not selling them.

What happens to these Luna tokens (Future Luna classic) post 27th of this month?

Will they disappear and we will only hold Airdrops (if we are eligible to receive) ?

Very confusing wheather to hold current luna tokens although i might get very little of new tokens via Airdrop.
Airdrop tokens may not help me as they dont match my investment (considering the % that will be given).

So only Hope is Existing Luna tokens. It will never Pump untill there is a BURN in Circulationg supply.
Is there any news on BURN for current Lune tokens post 27th May?

Please help.

The snapshots and airdrops for Luna v2 do not affect Luna Classic supply or what is in your wallet.