Luna to be dissolved

Luna was a hard fork providing a modicum of compensation to the holders of LUNC.
Whilst Lunc has continued to rise from the ashes and show that it can be decentralised, Luna is controlled by Do Kwon & Co.
All of the coin holders in Lunc have paid for their holdings and therefore it would appear the continuation of Luna is diluting the progress of Lunc.
If all airdropped Luna was burned and focus was only on Lunc then those that have suffered the most presumably still holding their Lunc coins would benefit greater going forward.

The investors perception is that whilst Lunc is marketed as a community led coin the stain of the collapse just over 6 months ago breeds suspicion that it is still controlled by Do Kwon & co.
It seems we are dancing around the elephant in the room here and need to release the shackles of the past.

You are using the wrong forum. Try the new Luna forum. This is LUNC, we cannot dissolve luna.

Luna is not decentralized at all. We are a bit far from getting it.
Currently I am seeing that LUNA is more decentralized than Lunc

You would have noticed that we are using the same wallet… same technology… you know its like… we are completely independent living in the parents basement… and we will remain independent until they turn off the power.