How to gain control over Luna when "THEY" fork out?

So the community is clearly against forking out and pro burning.
Since they know we are a clear majority they limited the voting to keep control over the blockchain.
Even we hold the big majority of tokens we have not a single vote.

Question is how to gain control over blockchain when they fork out so we can execute the plan which the community demands.

Validotors need to be changed to pro community ones executing the will of the community and not a small ignorant group.

They call us attackers but forget it was them who dumped Luna tokens on us which we bought and which are not diffrent as the tokens people bought a higher price.

We never had/have the intention to attack Luna however seeing how current leadership is ignorant and more important unprofessional on nearly all points its time to show them that we won’t accept their decissions if its against the community will.

I recommend start looking for solutions how to take current Luna once they fork out and let the community decide on which side they want to stick.

All power to a decentralized community


They coul decentralize the chain and leave it to the community. An move on with their new fork.

There is no such thing as standing together when forking is happening. ETH and ETC are proofs of that. The community needs to have control over LUNC and do what the team failed to do. We will then show to that man with an ego so big he never question his failures, that this forking idea is gonna be his doom.

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