1.start a new luna network

2.then create new luna2 and ust2 version

3.Swap Ratio Luna(old) 1000:1 to luna2

4.Swap Ratio Ust(old) 6:1 ust2

As a result.
Nobody loses any more money.
You should give a chance to those who already hold LUNA/UST . everyone is equal.
no more people lose their money.
You give them a new coin.
a new hope.

sorry my english is bad

that is, if I bought 10k Luna for 300k $, then I will now receive 10 Luna2 coins? is this some kind of joke?


yes 10 luna and luna price will be launched accordingly.

after stock market listing in the end, we will have a stabil coin. The supply is very high so we have to burn it this way.

they want to ignore those who buy and sell luna, this is unacceptable. Everyone will be happy in this way.

how can i be happy if i lost 300k$ and get 10 coins instead?

Haven’t you actually lost anything right now? Do not forget that if the supply is less, its price will up.

How many centuries do I have to wait to get my money back?

0 just the number of luna changes

just burn this Luna2 idea

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