Mirror and Aperture protocols

Since there was no liquidity on those protocols, many people could not exit their positions into UST and still unable to do so.
They should also be considered in revival plan too


Yeah … 66M is stuck in aperture because of issue with mirror.
It os still stuck with no sign of resolution
Please help to recover UST

I moved my UST to Aperture at start of May because of the great yields and low risk.
My investment still shows positive USD figures so I left it, (I’ve heard you couldn’t withdraw) but I figured I would keep it there thinking it was safe as it still shows $39000 value. However if I withdraw I feel I may only receive $8000 (still better than nothing) Aperture aren’t replying via Twitter and don’t know how else to contact. Obviously nothing is confirmed but under the proposals would Aperture be compensated or would we have to wait and hope to regain the peg? I don’t know wether to withdraw and take the loss or keep it and hope we are looked after under the proposals. What’s your thoughts?

you cannot withdraw, aperture withdrawals are disabled and team is keeping quiet

Sounds suspect.

So guess we have to hope for repeg, as I don’t believe we would be classed as UST holders.

Someone sent me a link to the discord they have an update but doesn’t say anything tbh, just says they have no response from Mirror

Well, the smart contract is there where investment is visible, but nut sure how and if anyone will be compensated at all.
Mirror protocol is responsive trying staking and long farming some mir yesterday, it worked…so not sure what aperture team is on about blaming mirror here.
even if by some miracle UST repegs, not sure we will be able to get anything out of aperture, to me its looks like a rug pull to be honest. so aperture investors were actually double f…ed

Agree with this.

While most people had at least the chance to leave the ship, Aperture users do not even have that.

All proticols that depend on UST should be considered when talking about compensation and revival.

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Any news? (I see GitHub update 3 days ago)