UST in Anchor Protocol

Hi guys i still have my UST on Anchor Protocol for the famous 19% APY.

My question is:
Is it better to leave them on Anchor, as now, or should i withdraw on my Terra Station account/wallet?

Because i don’t know if i’ll be elegible for the airdrop


You can either hold it in Anchor or withdraw from Anchor in Terra wallet both will be eligible.

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Thank you very much! So, I think that i’ll leave it on Anchor Protocol until the airdrop, then i’ll see :muscle:

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are you sure about it ? snapshot taken already on 7 may pre attack aUST ? should we hold it or mint to UST back for other airdrop ?

I have asked from the team, they said it’s eligible. But if you still have doubt then you can withdraw UST from Anchor earn to your wallet.

so my pre attack aUst will be eligible for post attack Ust , if i stay on anchor , well thanks

Yes that’s what the team said. But in case if you still have any doubts then you can hold UST in your wallet.

how about cexs ? i was staking also on binance but they werent aUst , and there is no anything about pre attack ust , so it will be thrash ? should i withdrawal to wallet or hodl on cex ?, also i was trying support @ 0.95 with my 2500 usdt swapped to ust , but they are 0.07 usd now :slight_smile:

Better to transfer to Terra wallet.

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So I hear


Hi guys, sorry I cant even withdraw my UST from Anchor Earn now…

I have UST available in my Terra Wallet so have sufficient funds to process a withdrawal as well

It just loads for a really long time with no success

Really Really appreciate any help and advise!

I withdrew my UST from Anchor during the attack and sent it to Binance , the transaction got stuck and it took binamce untill the 25th to recover it. What kind of airdrop will i get, or is it just better the loss and selling what i have now Im worrried about coming out of this with nothing.

Happy airdrop day…I hope. Pre snap shot I had UST in Anchor but during the panic I removed it and swapped it to Luna for avg $10 each is this still eligible for an air drop or should I try go buy some UST and re-deposit before the post snap shot to be eligible? Just not sure its worth it works out really expensive even at $10UST to $1 for UST now. Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

Clear browser cache and reconnect your wallet again and try.

Let’s wait for the drop, holders on Binance are also eligible for the drop.

Luna and UST both are eligible for the drop.

But I only had a few Luna in the first snapshot does this matter? Or will there be some cross value metric in play? For example: Initial snap shot I had $1000UST and 1Luna and now I have 101Luna but $0UST. Just trying to salvage best I can, not looking for advise just opinion. With this information would it be better to have some UST or is it OK?

You will get the airdrop according to the funds you hold at the time of snapshots.

But does the post shot balance have to be = to or greater than the pre to receive a balanced amount. With the previous example in mind and if the airdrop was 1:1 for each, Would I just get 1Luna and 0UST airdropped because thats what matched after todays drop? Or will I get 0UST and 101Luna equivalent? Or some amount of UST and 1LUNA. This is where I am lost because if I only get the 1 Luna pre snapshot then I might go and get some UST to make sure its not all lost. Please a little more in your answer would greatly be appreciated. I understand you are not saying go get UST and UST airdrop might be worth nothing but just looking for clarity on whats happening. I tryed to figure it out from the Medium post but thats what lead me here.