Is there a reason we cannot convert aUST into other terra assets?

When you deposit UST into anchor, you are given aUST in exchange. When you want to get your money back, you then return the aUST.

Well, in the meanwhile, why wouldn’t we be able to exchange the aUST into other assets? The only requirement being that you need to reconvert to aUST in order to get your deposit back. Right now when you attempt to swap aUST for another asset, you are denied.

Unless I am understanding Anchor totally incorrectly, the 20% APR does not require the aUST to sit in the depositer’s wallet, right?

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Soon™, Mirror V2 Updates - New Asset / Mechanism - Mirror Protocol Forum

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I think as long as there is a liquid aUST / UST pool on Terraswap, this should work …

I suppose the pair doesn’t exist today?


nope. just saw ust, luna, etc. Soon (Not Soon™)

BUT, You Can use aust as collateral to get more interest on Mirror

Your aUST is the claim you have upon deposited UST, so you do need to keep it to claim it back, this may become very confusing if you try to swap into other assets, you may end up trading more UST than you’d need. Mirror allows to mint using aUST because you’re not giving it up (unless you get liquidated), you can get it back later and keep the claim.

Only way I see this happening is creating smartcontracts that would use the UST pair for price feed, and would claim UST from your aUST, on Anchor, and then use that to swap for the desired asset. Would be up to the DEX to implement something like that…