My UST was stolen


I accidentaly exposed my seed in the MEMO of a transaction and got all my UST stolen from my wallet. I understand this is my fault and that there is close to no hope of recovering that money but does anybody know if there is something that can be done in this case.

I can facilitate any information that may be needed.

Thanks everybody

Nothing can be done.

Sorry for your loss.

hello, i’m novice here.
i cannot write new message. so i write down here.
please, help me.

in Terra station wallet,
i tried to send my UST to CEX address, when i confirm with my LEDGER(cold wallet)
i saw this message on my notebook screen.

signature verification failed; please verify account number (4050894), sequence (42) and chain-id (columbus-5): unauthorized

Terra station wallet show me upper message.
could you help me solve this problem?

You can import your Terra Station wallet to xdefi wallet and then try again.

I also have done this ……
Can anyone suggest a remedy? It was a fake terra website
www. Terrastation. Us . Org. The wallet is still parked there, the website was still up last night and appearing in MS edge bing results.

I’ve been scammed too by asking help on Terra twitter.

There are too much scammer on the official Terra twitter

I was almost scammed by a poser of terra admin…I became suspicious when they asked for my wallet seed phrase… this post has subsequently been deleted!

Nothing can be done here.

look the handle, obvious fake account, sorry to hear that. You gave him your secret key?

These festering bottom feeders are trying to take advantage of us when we are already down and out! The more people are made aware about these F*%^ING SUM, the less will get scammed!

My question is: how is it that these shit bags are able to respond under terra admin on agora? Surely there must be a security breach here?! I’m no IT expert but man this is a serious RED FLAG by any measure!

Agora is open to everyone, so users can enter with any name here. You should be aware to not give your seed phrase or private keys to anyone.