Terrra station hacking

I staked at terra station.
Someone turned it into “undelegations”.
I think I’ve been hacked, what should I do?

Same happened to me

As of today all 5000000 terra luna classic I was holding on Terra station has been taken I have transaction history of every withdrawal I am at a loss of what I can do to resolve this issue and about to just give up and take the hit witch I really can’t afford but I have no where else to turn to I have sent out emails to terra station as well as validates and with no response

it means your wallet has been compromised (you probably inserted your seed phrase on some fake website or into a fake terra station popup).
there no way to get the funds back once they left your wallet.
don’t use that wallet ever again.
for undelegating funds your only option is to withrdaw funds faster than the scammers.


Hi there, just happend same to me (another stupid person losing his seed). My tokens have been unestaked. Do you know about any tool or group who can help me tryint to be faster than the scammer the day the coins will be back to he wallet? Apreciate any help

hey, you can contact @cosmosrescue in telegram for help