Need clarifications please

Hi everyone,

It’s about the launch of LUNAV2 and DoKwon’s proposal.
I think everyone is mad at DoKwon and the whole TerraMoney team. Indeed DoKwon’s proposal is insulting to those who have lost everything.
Why those who didn’t lose anything will receive the Lunav2 airdrop ?
So you’re telling us that those who held $Luna and sold at a loss will get nothing.
But those who buy UST and $LUNA now until launch will get the airdrop… while they haven’t lost anything :rage:

How is it possible to propose this, it’s so insulting to those who have lost everything :rage:

I feel that they are going to make us go around in circles for a long time yet. We must act and unite so that they pay for the damage they have caused. We have to go through justice. Let’s act accordingly, let’s file a massive complaint.


its a market like any other, if you lost, you lost get over it and start making money


Just like the stock market the crypto market functions the same way.

Many of the old hodlers not only did NOT sell, but continued to buy and reduce tbier overall price per coin.

I did the same thing almost 14 years ago when I owned WAMU. I got lucky but the shareholders there were made whole (the ones that averaged down that is).

LUNA has the same potential which is why I kept buying. Now I don’t even need it to hit $0.01 to fully recovour.

That said I don’t agree with the forking plan. LUNA & UST can be saved and OG’s can be mDe whole imo.

My plan lays it all out.

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if i have LUNA token on metamask, how can i swap this for the new luna?

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