Luna Distribution


Could you please tell when Luna2 distribution will be done after snapshots. What I need to do for it ?

MAny Thanks

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Hi. How does one validate?

The new chain is due to go up tomorrow, nothing needs to be done. Anyone telling you to validate your wallet is a s.cammer.


Hi - you advised me to move my coins to a Terra Station wallet, to ensure would get 2.0 drop, which I did. So… was I meant to do anything else - such as link it to the Terra Station desktop app? Please advise as this is the first time I have ever moved my coins from Binance Spot trading to a wallet. Thanks so much, Roseanne!


No need to do anything further :slight_smile:


I have a question. I held Luna coins on by Binance wallet at the time of Snapshot. Now, whenever I check I see the number of coins but not their values. to give you a context, Let’s say I bout coins with [y] money. When I used to check my wallet there was a value [y] to my coins. now I can only see the number of coins and not their value in currency. Is that normal?

This is probably because binance has suspended trading on it, it will be re enabled on May 30 :slight_smile:

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If I moved my Luna to tera Luna Wallet I’m ok for airdrop.?
I made this MOUVE from BINANCE to Tera Luna Wallet on 24.05.2022.

Oh whew! :pray::blush:

Yes all good. The snapshot has been taken so you can do what you wish with the coins now.

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Thank you for clearing my doubt.
One last thing, I am told that the Airdrop will be automatically credited into the wallets and holders don’t have to do anything such as Going to a website and “Claiming” the tokens is that correct?

I lost all my coins through s c a m is it possible to recover them ?
I have all the evidence

There is a screenshot flying around that is showing any coins on bsc through the wormhole or shuttle are being deposited in the community pool and airdropped to those addresses at a later date, is there truth to this? I was expecting the block to come at a time and wasnt able to move my ust over until a bit later and missed block 7790000 by like 300 blocks.


No, sorry for your loss

Yes, I have shared that airdrop info with a few people on telegram - it’s a screen shot from the table in this article: Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop. Terra 2.0 is nearly here. As a… | by MC | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium

Not sure about how the snapshot would work for that though, sorry.