[NEW Proposal on Terra Station] Re-enable IBC Transfers

Terra validators disabled IBC as a stop-gap solution to preventing Impermanent Loss on UST and LUNA pools on Osmosis and other IBC DEXs. Unfortunately, this also prevents UST and LUNA from transferring between chains. Currently, about 154.7M UST is stuck in Osmosis alone.

Users are currently stuck with UST and LUNA on chains such as Osmosis, Crescent, and Sifchhain, unable to transfer between chains or back to Terra.

This proposal re-enables and unlocks the transfer of UST and LUNA between chains.


Yes, please!

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Yes, I have terra stuck on IBC, it’s not fair that others can trade freely and we are stuck on IBC


@Crypto_Hub and @Amish_Farmer - Please be sure to vote on the Terra Station proposal 1299 for this, to help ensure it passes.

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Can I vote more than once?

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I believe you can, but only 1 vote counts based on the LUNA you held at the time of the proposal going live. So if you vote no, then change to yes, I think it then changes to yes for the same LUNA amount.

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Will they start after the proposal is passed?

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how will it affect LUNA proce?
will whales dum*p there converted ust in the luna market and make it fall again?

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since 1ust is 1 dollar worth of luna

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The proposal has been passed. When will it be implemented?


The proposal has been passed. When will it be implemented?

It is already.

Where is it implemented? In Osmosis the LUNA transfers are still disabled. Please confirm

So when can I swap between luna and ust 1:1?

No, not able to be implemented yet

Irrelevant to this thread but burning/minting is disabled

what is the estimated time until the channels are enabled?

Will it be restarted?

yes, it just not as simple as the proposal made it look :sweat_smile: not sure on a timeline