Axelar posted as below.
PLEASE tell me how to send my LUNC in Osmosis to Terra Station Wallet.
A lot of time passed with the route closed.
I cannot do anything with my LUNC in Osmosis.
You closed the door/route without pre-announcement.
I THINK You should open this route for few days.
PLEASE communicate with Axelar Team.

:rotating_light: We’ll be disabling support for Terra (now called Terra Classic) on Monday, May 30, 23:59 UTC. After this, you will not be able to transfer UST/LUNA via Satellite / Terra bridge :rotating_light:

Terra is planning to launch a new chain. More details can be found here:



Axelar has nothing to do with the way coins move between Osmosis and Terra - this uses IBC, not the Axelar bridge.

It will still be at least another week until IBC is available between Osmosis and Terra.

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Hello, I need your help. Yesterday I withdrew my Ust coins from Anchor to my Terra Station wallet. When I check the transaction information, it says “block 555”. Does this mean I am no longer eligible for airdrop?

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Hi, so they really would try to open it again? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, thanks

I googled everywhere looking for a solution to this myself. I found one, you can transfer them to HotBit exchange. It gets bad press so NFA, DYOR, but I’ve used it and it’s fine, several transactions for large-ish amounts (after I tested it) with no issues.

10% discount on spot+ETF trade fees here:

That’s the best ref code I could find, searched for quite a bit, any I found saying 20% etc actually gave zero when I tested it. There’s a little popup on sign in page where you can check to ensure it gives what it says.

Hey there, have you actually tried this? I don’t know how they would do it when IBC is disabled?

I should clarify, this doesn’t let you send LUNC to Terra Wallet, but it allows you to move them to an exchange and sell them if you want to cash out.

Yes I have. But don’t misunderstand, you can’t move cross chain at the moment, but you can still move within OSMOSIS chain.

Right, that’s pretty crazy for an exchange to let you sell the Osmosis-chain Luna/UST when they wouldn’t know if they’d ever be able to switch it back to real Luna/UST :thinking:

I’m not sure if they allow UST, I’m only using it for LUNC and only presented it as an option for those who might want to exit LUNC that is currently trapped on OSMOSIS chain because the bridge was disabled.

Basically if people are willing to buy it and take that risk from you (that the bridge may never reopen, even though it likely will), that’s their call is my view.

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Thank you for your kind explanation.
I tried and LUNC located in the OSMOSIS account of Kepler wallet does not move to HOTBIT’s OSMOSIS account.
The transaction has been terminated without requiring confirmation of the hardware wallet.

I did this exact thing just yesterday to test it, Hotbit to Kepler via OSMOSIS. I’ll PM you my wallet address so you can see on the exact transaction. DYOR NFA but it worked for me.

Maybe doubled check everything?