NO FORK-- Buy and Burn

SEC are looking from afar fork are against low

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Do Kwon you should not have undertaken such a costly experiment with investor’s money and expect that it is acceptable to fork. Forking is NOT a solution and it will further damage people’s lives and destroy any remaining hope for the ecosystem. The whole community disagrees with a fork of any sort. Do the right thing and conduct the biggest manual burn of tokens to buy at the subpenny prices now and deplete the supply as much as possible. The remaining supply should be burned off via the tax proposals recommended which could be variable in nature based volume. It is also very unfair to investors who poured in significant capital at the last moment until the halt at block 7607789 to allocate 10% in the new fork. This is a spit in the face to those who supported the project to the very end. Millions of investors contributed significantly towards Luna until the very end and their holdings as a fraction of the overall marketcap at any given instant is what is critical regardless of what stage in the cycle we where at until the halt. The hyperinflation especially hurt these folks because they thought they were buying the dip or DCA and hit by an astronomical printing of money in a short time of a few hours.

Also, please start communicating multiple times in clear public messages and discuss feedback rather than let crickets chirp. Address the status of the existing holding of LFG bitcoin reserves. Acknowledge and communicate with responses from members of community about burning and listen to prudent advice from CZ. Most of all please be transparent and face the community like a true leader would. I also tried to tag you in this message “@dokwom” and got an error that says this post is not allowed. Seriously?


As for coins only, any option to reduce the emission by 7000 times. It will be beneficial to those who believed in the project.
And those who did not average their positions in the crash and did not help keep the ship afloat are solely to blame.
Those who sold at a loss even more so.

Hard fork = TFL running away from their bankruptcy! Come on, we need to be realistic, I wrote a much better proposal [Proposal] A Better Way Forward™ = TFL pays back $UST by burning excesses, NO FORK

You need to burn every transactions if you want to revive your luna

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