Opinion: voting is partial // please re-enable staking

only $LUNA staked pre-crash let’s you vote

so you bought $LUNA from exchanges because you wanted to vote on the future of this chain ??

too bad staking is disabled you might aswell leave your coins off-chain because there is no use of having them here …

very disappointing


Sir you are retarded.


I agree we should be allowed to vote too.


There is only way going forward which is a fork. So thats all they want and will persuade it no matter what the community thinks.

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I’m still confused as to why this proposal isn’t seeing the spotlight in the way it deserves.

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If I can figure out how to stake with validator I will be voting no with veto on proposal 1623 with my 157 million LUNA. A buy and burn scenario is best for LUNA & UST. As several wise men (CZ for example) have already stated a buy an burn creates value. This may take 12 to 18 months to repeg UST but it is worth it.

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:open_mouth:…your 157 millions bought at only about $200.00 want to rule Luna ecosystem! Think about it if you are the VC and validator who invested millions real USD to let u rule their future :wink: it is unfortunate someone saw the exploits earlier and took advantage and profited! Our hope now is to get a bit of V2 and hope our classic will stay or multiply with new gamblers willing to risk their calculated stake​:relaxed:

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I lost a very large sum at the lows just like everyone else with my original HODL position.

The founder, community, developers, & VC investors should all do what is best for the Terra ecosystem regardless of investment size. Forking the chain and abandoning the former 3rd by market cap stable coin UST is not what is best for LUNA or UST.

What exploits? Who took advantage? Do you personally know anyone that profited? There was simply a bank run that the Terra team was unprepared to handle and LFG grossly mismanaged the peg funds.

Those that HODLed LUNA to near zero are selfishly smoking the hopium pipe foolishly thinking the fork is the best option for recouping their losses. Please allow me to quote a very wise man “Buy and Burn creates value” CZ of Binance. Binance leads the cryptoverse. What if CZ decides to not list the new LUNA, like he chose to do with BSV, since the founder nor Terra team listened to his advice? Has anyone considered that? I believe if the fork goes through the inverse will likely happen compared to ETH/ETC and BTC/BCH. Where for the first time in history the “classic” chain will go exponentially higher over 12-18 months as the community and cooperating exchanges buy and burn and the “new” LUNA with no UST stable coin will consistently diminish in value and relevance. Prop 1623 is a pipe dream.

The cryptoverse present us with rigid financial options over fragile government issues fiat currencies. The LUNA/UST failure is an opportunity to rise from the ashes and make UST a more rigid algorithmic stable coin. My bet is Justin Sun and the Tron team will not fail with USDD and have made adjustments after the UST crash. I hope the 33.4% Veto threshold is reached tomorrow.

Easy there shot calla, it doesnt matter if you bought 157 bajillion luna, you bought something that was defunct with everything that held it up stolen or otherwise cashed out. Your best hope it to sit with your finger on the button and sell if it ever hits .0003

hodl + ratio

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I want to ask when was last time you could stake your LUNA? How it was corresponding to the price. If it was just before first halt of blockchain - then somebody, could bought big bag for pennies (it was already in this region) and stake it - to influence the vote.

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from my understanding staking was turned off during the first halt, when LFG/TFL locked up 200M tokens to prevent governance attacks…

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Total sc.am and nothing more.
First of all LFG bought 200 million Luna for 800 million UST.So they inflated the minting themself.
After that they halted stacking to have full control over voting ok.
Now they move to another chain and take majority of devs and services with them and still want to keep control over Luna Classic even they have NO relevant stake and no focus on that chain.
So the legit question should be for whom are they gonna use Luna Classic ?For their own new chain ?