Please don't buy LUNA or UST anymore

If you’re considering buying LUNA/UST in hopes that after airdrop you’ll get handsome returns please let go of that thought now. If you’re holding it post attack, I will go one step further and say sell it. This is the reason, if you have bought luna post attack, then there’s an official calculation to show how the coins will be allotted
docs/ at main · terra-money/docs · GitHub

Accorded to this the calculation for post luna is as follows

Post-attack LUNA holders allocation: 1M

(Total LUNA owned by User A post-attack / Total LUNA owned by Exchange post-attack) x Post-attack LUNA holders' allocation

I will give you example too

Luna holding post attack = 100000
Luna owned by the exchanges= 6,536,396,903,498
Post attack luna holders allocation= 1000000(1million)

So if you own 100000 luna classic(100k luna) you will get 1.5305 lunas. And the story doesn’t end there out of the 1.5305 lunas, 70% will be locked and only 30% will be available post launch, which approximately gives us 0.45 luna post Air drop. MIND IT ONLY 0.45 LUNA FOR 100K LUNA CLASSIC. Is this not a shitty deal ?
If you want an easy unofficial calculator use this please
Luna Airdrop | TerRarity

Please invest your money elsewhere, not only we’ll get 0.45 luna for 100k luna classic rest of the luna classic will be locked.

God knows how 66% have vote for this proposal. If you’re unaware of this and voted for the proposal please change it , only few hours left to vote.

We have all been cheated once and now the second time.


I don’t think your luna classic will be locked, its the new luna that’ll be locked
And also, your 100k luna classic is only $17


I won’t buy Federal Reserve Notes anymore instead, which is the biggest pyramid scheme in world history. Why else would they put a pyramid on the Great Seal? They know what they are doing.

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You are right for the UST part but the buyers of LUNA are doing that for the great potential of Luna Classic, not for the airdrop. Actually, if you examine the price action of LUNA, there are institutional buying characteristics on the chart: huge green candles with massive volume at predetermined levels.

By the way, correct me if I am wrong but, luna classic won’t be locked, new luna will be locked

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Here for original chain. Still using the original chain and my assets on chain. Useful chain this Terra chain. Nice Apps too. LUNA and UST needed on chain to use the chain so yeah sorry accruing both and gaining returns on both luna and ust. Don’t care about any airdrop.


What will happen to UST after airdrop?

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vesting 2 years to get whole airdrop token, i am not sure that people prefer holding or not

I bought Luna at 3$ with 1000$, then when it was 1$ with 100$, after in 0.1 with 100$, and when 0.02 with 70$, so my total buy is 1270$, and I have an amount that a person can now buy with 1$ :upside_down_face: so why these people didn’t think of this, I know people lost more but this 1270$ in my currency it’s a lot of money that’s equal to 6 months payment. And now how much I’ll get 0, That’s a F-up thing to see and live with.