New luna conversion rates

1000 old LUNA = 1022 new luna (pre event $80k holdings)
1000 old UST = 1753 new luna (pre event $990 holdings)


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To add however that does not equate dollar value. Just number of tokens.

What is the expected value of the new coin going to be?

Fact: it will be up to 1 billion coins (over 2 years)

Thats three times the amount of LUNA tokens just before the attack. (340 million give or take)

So to reach the same market cap each coin would be maximum $26 -$30.

Now given the reaction we know this coin will not be easily accepted and shunned even meaning it will likley never even reach anywhere close to the origional marketcap.

Imo we will be lucky to be at $10.

Using $10.00, this makes pre attack holders of LUNA at a loss of $70 per token


Using $10.00 UST holders seem to make out very well. Doubling their money in fact. What cost them $990 could equal $17530.00

UST holders get even more the higher it goes.

Looks like we know who was being looked after with this plan and why it’s likley to be voted in.

My plan can at least make Luna hodlers whole and bring UST back up to repeg making everyone whole again.

Check it out…

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