Please, show blockchain proof Terra Classic blockchain is trustworthy

Edit: Copy of a reply to a post that disappeared from the general forums within the last 5 minutes.

Hey curios got a number for the amount of wallets that voted in each category of the real governance proposal on Terra Staion for the Terra 2.0 revival plan? With blockchain records? Curious how many individual accounts/wallets voted yes, abstain, no, no with veto. So can compare to the unofficial votes and show that truly community voted for it and put this to rest (or cannot?).

Also got a break down and blockchain records of which validators LFG staked to and how much and what wallet address or addresses they staked from just before they took over governance and locked it down (preferably with any non Terra chain wallet addresses LFG owned/owns that sent assets too for the purpose, because if Terra chain security IS broken then all Terra blockchain tx records are open to suspicion, yes? Other blockchain info can show on chain and off chain tx records match which would help trust LFG). This is potentially more important because if behind the scenes of validators LFG controls a majority of staked LUNA how can users even trust blockchain transactions on the Terra network?

I want more than “hey trust them.” That is telling people to trust a centralized power on what is supposed to be decentralized trustless blockchain, with their money. I’m not asking you either to not trust them. Nor trying to convince you or anyone else to trust or not, I want information to make my decision. I am asking can a party/entity/wallet/owner of enough LUNA staked and accumulated validator’s governance power compromise security of the blockchain in how it’s logic and code operates, forget feelings please. Proof speaks loudest. Show me what code makes this impossible, replace “LFG” “TFL” etc with “Person X” directly and indirectly (through delegation) has majority of staked LUNA. If my wallet did it, would you trust the network?

LFG stated they staked to validators millions of LUNA spread out among several, they may not have directly voted but the validators they staked to DID/DO vote (or choose not to). It was replied LFG and TFL did not take part in the voting process, but if they staked to validators (LFG said publically they did) during that time then yes they gave voting power and took part in governance by allowing their voting power to be used by those they delegated to. Which validators did LFG stake to during the whole month of May this year?

Edit 2: I do not know the exact numbers but staking rewards in number of LUNAC is VERY HIGH with LUNAC inflated. Absolutely. This is accruing validator voting power, absolutely. I dunno if against the whole of trillions that matters. I been aware since a day into the crash personally I have been accruing auto compounding LUNAC staking derivatives from validators I think I support (users options here are steak, stluna, lunax, yprism, etc can be traded for on chain, cannot mint right now with staking disabled), I’m suspicious of em all though. “(despite the fact they cannot compound since staking is disabled).” - so to update your info to tell others, yes compounding/autocompounding LUNAC exists still, through LUNAC staking derivative assets that need to be traded for. Caveat risks and low liquidity for several.


Update to this in part. Learned LUNAC autocompounding staking derivatives don’t actually autocompound/work right now. The current governance staking lock breaks the smart contract code because they cannot auto restake the staking rewards.

So, they might still count some as staked luna asset getting staking returns, but auto compound portion of stluna lunax yluna is broken.