Please Vote (No With Veto) - It Is Important

Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 [UPDATED AND FINAL] is in the governance area up for a vote. Please take a moment an vote on it.

Most of the responses on the forum are not in agreement with a fork. The only way to make yourself heard and stop it is to vote No With Veto. No With Veto makes a strong statement. That is the only way to allow for an official proposal to come forward that more people agree with such as the ones posted by @wellhat , @FatMan , @HelloThere and @wlawyer.

Go vote No With Veto > Terra Station


We had veto but they changed our voices from 32 percent to 8 percent within hour


Reminder everyone that to veto we do not need a majority of the votes. We need 33.4% of votes to be “no with veto” to block the proposal from passing.

If you have staked luna please vote. If you do not vote then the validator you have delegated to is free to use your voting power to boost their vote. When writing this I see no with veto at 21.06%.

stake system vetoed it, looks like it is not going to pass

I don’t think you understand how the percentages work. The percentage of each response is based on the total votes received at that point in time. As more votes are made the percentages adjust accordingly. So it is very possible for the “No with Veto” response to change from 32% to 8% within an given amount of time based on the variance/accumulation of votes made.