Only 33.4% “no with veto” votes necessary to block the fork

Self explanatory guys. “No with veto votes” have slowly crept up to 14%. If you are staked, haven’t voted, and would prefer to see the rebuilding focus remain on the original chain, GO VOTE! 3 days left!

(Another important point, is your validator can default vote for you — you have to go and broadcast your vote to make sure your voice is heard and not just what the validator wanted!)


where is the vote link … grrr

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It is dishonorable to abstain in an environment where people are sad and losing their money.
those who abstain don’t deserve to stay in the community


True Stand with as or disappear .


What call center do you guys come from :rofl::rofl: posting the same crap.

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Luna holders won’t forget these vcs who voted for “yes”…

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Might be this proposal?

Only way it makes sense to stay on the original chain is to doxx the attackers and get all the money they stole back, else how do you propose getting $10.5 billion to restore the UST peg?

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I am attempting to vote “no with veto” with 157 Million LUNA and am having trouble staking with a validator and voting. I have followed the steps correctly and keep getting an failure to execute message. Can anyone help?

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Staking of post-crash LUNA has been disabled

I’m posting everywhere so bastards like you can see

Don’t get mad kid. :), Have a good day :sunglasses:

how is rebuilding meant to focus on the original chain when it can be attacked so cheaply…