Proposal 4174 LUNC Global Discount Coupon TOKEN , Voting Status


Proposal 4174 LUNC Global Discount Coupon TOKEN: Global Consumes, Support LUNC Only

, with someone (justone) which already read it , deposit 1Million lunc deposit , push this to vote status tab already in yesterday.

Please Consideration , can vote it share it if agree

This proposal is make lunc more close to human global comsumes , lunc will organic well know in soon ,


Main Purpose of this Project want to LUNC token (Exist) to be popular in the world , but now many governments in the world prohibit direct buy/sale consumer goods/service by Crypto coins because its volatile as everybody kwon it.
Then we can only apply to discount coupon program both kind of volatile and non volatile, discount Coupon still have in another forms in all country , it same
What country allowed legally, add some SW-module direct buy, discount by Exist lunc token too

How many kind of discount coupon,
This project, generate New discount Coupon Token, It is 2 kind

  • Stable discount coupon :
    it value will be stable , equal local fiat which user location choice , then easy to understand , and avoid volatile , peg with local fiat, reserve is money of each user-self , which bought this kind of coupon , (nearly future we have own stable coins we will peg with it), this mechanism may need route to local Crypto Exchange , it is virtual node of TR-Global , acting as branch , controlled by TR Global , about fee of each transaction user accept it included spread in Local Exchange, when user choose this kind

  • Lunc discount coupon :
    it value will equal lunc Exist token current price at local Exchange , it will volatile , but amount is only discount , user will learn it , and understand it soon ,

How to Funding for this project, How to Attractive for Investors

Funding concerned process arrange by TR , Invite via social to lunc lover or whom , to be investors, How much return to Investors is 10X,25X,50X,hunderdX,2hundredfittyX choices for investors selectable , no limit about maximum amount , but limit time by TR consideration , we trade off about chance for success , and believes will can returns to All investors condition above , in case of success and long run , it is global consume of most of Human in the world in 5-10 years, they(investors)have some risk too

How to/when return to Investors, After luanch 6 months ,Project spilt 5% of Monthly incomes , return first serve to Lowest (10X) Chosen investor , until complete then go next ,return to 25X investor … onward , in the same level ?X first in first out( return) too (FIFO), Not commit How many years, within years complete return?, but finally will complete return to All investors while this project still run, it execute by Smart Contract

Expenses of Project,

  1. Make App/web of Use this project
    TR global-DEV Estimate DApp/Web for use This coupon token support with display local currency too , All outsource professional hiring accept ,we need fast to be Global flagship Crypto Discount coupon , included , w/ exist Social App Marketing Program for each local country acting role as a branches ,respond to their local shops/people/Refferal , shall have location on as google map with little contact info of shop , some link to governments site block chain knowledge base ,TR- global Marketing provide contents invite people/shop how to join , some invest promote Project such as rewards etc…
    2.- Monthly salary of TR-Global , Opr-Cost maintain this discount coupon token
    3.TR-Local virtual branched each country, In-charge is translate all medias, included YouTube English to be local Vocal-Spoken Lang. , for listening and easier understand for each People of that country , included support/solved/collect problems Feedback of project to , Contacts to crypto local influencer request , share this project please , it help better for crypto industrial too , Expenses wage for local team each country with implement , start with 2 persons , lowest legal labor cost rate that country , 5days a week (may be FC of lunc) subsidies with some phone/internet fee (15-USD per/person/month ) , in some Asian country Approx. 510 USD /month /country (2 staffs)
  2. Material for Project : Sticker just size 10X10 [email protected] pcs , 20X20 [email protected] pcs (Est. 175 USD per implement country , included Eco-Freight)

5 ALL Concerned Expenses Estimate, can run Project At least 18 months
Key support lunc: this project, well make lunc token (exist) well known worldwide in soon. Because one kind of coupon value will equal lunc token (exist) then they will still remember daily ,frequently

Revenues of Project

1% FEE, when shop bought discount coupon , for shop give discount to their customers ,
1% FEE, when People bought discount coupon for once or daily use at joined shop which discount 4% for them ,
2% FEE, People/Shop whom need return coupon,
-others in nearly future such as Sell T Shirt with logo and etc

Minimum Amount Condition for buy discount coupon

This is critical for start project, would like make everybody /every shop can try it even though they are youth, or street food, next time they will buy( empty for 1st bought) equal their usage , it still great for organic growth , So
Min Value of Each joined Shop Buy discount Coupon, Only 5 US$ can select for both of kind of coupon too, bigger shop will buy per their require

Affiliate Program,
This project is Need a Affiliate Program, as Referral / Referee
Revenues for Referral
50:50 Half of Fee, we need to give them to interest/benefits with fast wide spread, other % To be discuss , in next phase, such as promotion period which success in many app in the world
Shop-Pool discount Coupon wallet, 6 month period ,cannot receive discount-coupon from any way , just only 1st registered referral only , Fair to Referral person, who help us in this start phase

How People and shop buy/got this discount coupon

People: Foreigner Traveler worker buy Stable Coupon at local their stay

Input is FIAT (USD or any) or Crypto Non Exist LUNC , LUNC → TR Global → TR local → Local Exchange → TR local → send local Stable discount coupon to buyer

Local People/Shop: Foreigner Travelers and workers buy Local Stable Coupon
Input is Local FIAT (USD or any) or Crypto Non Exist LUNC , LUNC → TR local → Local Exchange → TR local → send local Stable discount coupon to buyer

Another kind LUNC Cupon is simpler , above is just example better way/route shall be by Programmer

Loop of discount-coupon circulate

  1. People buy their daily consume foods/products/services with local fiat, shop give 2% discount but in form of lunc discount coupons , Cus can accumulate for use it with all joined shop
  2. holder coupon , need to buy their daily consume foods/products/services , joined shop give 4% discount , shop got only net nearly96% in fiat via Local Exchange (minus by some fee transaction but just 0.2%) ,

Why will be Success Project,
-Joined shop will be advertised location, with some contact info, they will happy Chance for got new customers crypto group, and more the path by delivery online order in soon.

-Customer use Coupon, By accumulate got from 2% discount, means is 50 times of this customer use their service back 50 times free 1 time. Shop can keep customer

-shop pay to buy discount coupon , for give 2 % discount coupon to their customer , when coupon empty , that means their sale volume equal 50 times , just 1% FEE to TR , it will OK
-2% discount not to be load/Huge for shop
-Customer pay fee 1 percent for buy coupon, their will got discount 4% , minus with some Local-Ex fee, still got 2.9 % , daily /everyday save ,it better use lunc coupon , may have a fun mood with see price, may got more value discount with their small risk
-Referral will happy, incomes from fee, half/half, both shop and people at least 6 month per their referees shop , and more some rewards by marketing too , in a friend-group of meals so bigger amounts
-Human shall daily consume, it better for their expense, just only find joined shop in phone
-Coupon holder/Joined Shop will got some rewards on marketing Campaign Periodically in promote promotion period.
-this project will create huge community is soon, Coupon Holder will got some more global bargain discount, such as when Samsung/Iphone/Huawei Luanch new model, TR Marketing will bargain, Survey community and bargain to Manufacturer, this is global volume bargain, and may expand to other more value, such as small EV model, holder will got very benefits, project will popular and, lunc (exist) will have good price too,
-Shops got a chance from foreigner/traveler/tourist to be their customer too,

  • Shop which not joined, will be asked/request by their customers, joined shop will advantage, They are competitor shop each other, so it will easy spread in soon
    -Local.Gov will not ban, Many Shop have a their coupon other form too, this coupon, better for foreigner tourist and work and travel worker too, in case of a lot of joined-shop in country , will more focus by more foreigner traveler worker , an anther importance is their citizen start study-understand block w/little volatile amount,

How much cost for each parties to join Project
(50:50 invest by shop: Referral) , nearly free
Shops: just 0.5 US$ for one sticker, for customer know, this is joined shop
Referral: 0.5 US$ for 1 sticker/shop, with their need to be referee of him, under this program

Material of Project Cost
Sticker (Design By TR): for stick at shop, Cus know this shop been joined, size 10X10,20X20 cm, Cost 0.25,0.5 /pcs

Next step Fits for projects
Let the TR teams ask profession study more , many things , parameter/routes , in above can changes to suitable way , just vote are u agree to next step?

Constraint of Project
This Project Exempt by P 3568 1.2% Tax Burn? It may impact to every parties , such as shop , coupon buyer ,investors . and While return to all investors not complete, but when complete, 5% of incomes will burn until meet target P 3568 can do by smart contract, we will have a huge burn by global volume ,
This is critical for user to join project too? Some need to survive in this economy situation .

In case of make some survey questionnaire, and them reply not need to daily lost 1.2% of their money, whom insist to comply 1.2% burn Tax , can compensate for them every transaction before ? Investors for this project agree?
I think this is very critical condition, It may a huge impact for this project success or not? , Can waits till project before some burn? All of these shall be consideration and decision making and declare condition to investor before, we still have another coin competitor too.

Sorry to All , about My English not native
Sincerely Yours
LUNC lover

Above is conten/destails same link proposal ,
pfd link in proposal is

people worried to click it as scam ? i got respond

if you agree better for lunc and us , vote it share to whom which can vote after consideration it,
push for next step , TR make it to be true

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