Use Case LUNC as Redeem/Gifts w/P 3568 1.2% burn APPLY to Exist E-Comerces Shops

new proposal
P 4182 in Deposit Tab

details as below
Exist e-Shops (food/non-food/services)Huge Volumes, they can use lunc
(may 2% Or Shop preferred) to be redeem/gifts/discount) back to Customer,
in form of exist lunc token only and how to use lunc as a event gifts such Birthday/Xmas/NewYear/Got Educate Degree/Got Married… ,
as thier product sale to thier customer Make/Prepare VDO tutorail step by step ,
in case of they would like to use lunc as redeem/gifts and their new product How e-Shops can do it by themselfe ,
they(shop owners) can tell by point url to thiers Exist web Dev programmer and whom which got lunc form above ,
how to use it or hold it for chance regards this is a conjunction part of Prpposal 4174 vote both please


what do you think please support, push to vote


This is an interesting idea.


prepare training vdo will huge burn arround the world in soon


Now on Vote tab,
please consideration and vote per u need