[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction [PART II]

Lets share this with crypto news websites…

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You guys have the remedy to fix and work our way out of this.
If it’s not listened to by those that can implement what the thread has proposed.
Only out of pure self interest will it not be put in place.
Let’s watch the direction things are taken and see if the community or creator are put first.

Does terra have a address for burned tokens, or would one need to be created?

This is the most sensible and quickest way to deal with the supply problem.

They should of taken advantage of all the volume that has been created over the last week.

Unless they are waiting for it to bottom out to buy back ??

I like it

**Hello everyone **

Here is the TG link incase something happens here

just wanted to point to this great proposal:

requires very little dev effort and easy to implement.

can we add this to the main thread?

Is there any meaning left in any proposals here? They are doing what they want… and they call this decentralized and community driven?

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Come here to vote, it’s already here!

@bloodcurdle @HelloThere Why this is not longer in governance ?

We can do it General sleep LUNA

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doesn’t matter what you propose, Do Kwan has already made his mind and threw everyone under the bus, his speech of community matters is just a bullsh’ith.

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If you DO NOT want the fork to happen, go and VOTE NO against Do Kwon’s proposal. It does not allow me to post the link to the proposal, but it is Proposal 1623. Support what majority of the Luna community wants and VOTE NO.

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If we really like this plan we should stay together after the fork and implement the plan as a community, we can stay with the original Luna and invite validators and developers over, I am pretty sure that they will be interested and that there will be many investors interested to as there is a big chance of big returns.


Agree burning


The vote is rigged. The “No with veto” vote totals dropped from 11 million to 7 million an hour later.


Luna has 1.85B UST. I recommend Terra sell that before it is worth $0, then allocate the profits to the LFG 2.0 on the new chain

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i have jus created a terra station account and added to chrome extension, 2 mins task. and trasnferred some luna tokens into the wallet from binance.

now voted as NO to the proposal to create new Luna.

Please you all do the same. Vote NO.
Costs just few Luna tokens and 2 mins of your time.


Please update. It is now 14 validators that have voted yes.


Why isn’t this under Governance? The powers that be seem to have removed all gov. votes except Do’s “final” one. No voting for the burn on there!

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If the only purpose now is burning, and not redistributing like in reflections, why not create a new chain keeping the shares allocated? 100% → 100% but reducing the supply?

Note that this is totally different from the initial fork idea in which the redistribution is totally altered as it is in the original chain.

This approach would be seamless and does not need special treatment from dexes.

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