[Proposal] Re-instate staking

Allow people to stake again.

Yes, people can buy Luna cheaply, but why is the system more prone to governance attacks now than before? People still had to buy Luna to vote. It’s easier for people to have their voice heard if staking is allowed again.

Removing staking wasn’t put up to a vote in the first place (behind closed doors). And the only people who knew about staking being removed were the people making the decisions. That allowed them to make a last minute purchase that no one else had the ability to do (which is unfair).


Right. If need be to protect against whales scooping billions of diluted luna can first implement a vote cap of some sort. Or some other idea? There’s like 60 to a 100 wallets out there collectively with 100s of billions of LUNA, if it were staked they’d control too. Could even be tfl or lfg maybe its cz or galaxy digital or some randome guys no one knows, but those LUNA exist and are accumulated…


So “Moonboy” can vote with their trillions token? No.