[Proposal] Simple Fair Community Cure

As a investor who bought Luna before the crash and also after the crash and after the next crash and … Also as a holder not moved a single penny on anchor even not now.
Also as a liquidity provider on other chains making worthless not only my UST but also my other “stable” coins here is my simple solution.

Leave UST as it is right now. Fork Luna and burn all the coins from the old chain. Create 1B new Luna coins and airdrop them to UST holders. Make the airdrop snapshot to a later date for example 31.05.2022 . That way anybody who want to participate can buy in.

The community have lost money buying UST and Luna on the way down. The real holders lost everything . Luna as a speculative asset can’t be saved as is at this point. But UST can and it can reach 1$ peg again. This is the most important thing to restore the faith in the project. By accepting this proposal anybody can buy back UST at a very low rate and participate in the airdrop. Speculators will make money, holders will see some value in there holdings.


  • UST stays as is
  • Luna forks and all the coins go to the UST holders
  • LFG brings the money to the developers of the project