Proposal - Terra Station cold/hot wallet setup

Recently I’ve used a mobile app called TokenPocket. It has rather elegant cold wallet support. It would be ideal if such feature could be implemented on Terra Station. For it to work:

  • two phones are needed, the “cold” phone which is always disconnected from Internet, and the hot phone which is just a normal one. Terra Station has been installed on both phone already

  • On the cold phone, recover the wallet by entering seed phrase while its offline. On the hot phone, create a watch-only wallet by entering the wallet address

  • use the hot phone to access dApp, when being asked to sign a transaction, display relevant info as a QR code (QR1). Then switch to the cold phone, scan the QR code, sign it, display the result as another QR code (QR2). Use the hot phone to scan QR2 and complete the transaction

In this manner effectively we have “air-gapped” the ‘cold’ mobile phone from Internet

  • end -