Terra Station Wallet


I’m new crypto. I bought some Luna post attack. Could anyone please tell me if I need to disconnect my Terra Station wallet every time to log out of this app? (I have an iPhone and using the mobile app version of Terra Station wallet).
Just wondering if clicking on disconnect tab on my app wallet every time in order to log out will affect the post attack snapshot or it doesn’t matter at all how I log out of my Terra Station wallet?

Please confirm if I need to click on the Disconnect tab every time in order to log out of my wallet or simply just swipe the app up to log out? I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing here in order to receive the airdrop. Please advise me on how to log out of the Terra Station wallet app. Thanks for your help

:joy::joy::joy: Dumbest question ever
So many worries to get that pennies refund, y’all can’t wait to get it

There is no dumb questions, only dumb answers. Didn’t you learned that in school?


Better not to click on any of the button. Let it like this and you will eligible for the drop if you have UST or Luna in your Terra wallet.

Disconnecting from your device doesn’t empty the wallet. You can do as you wish.

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