Proposal to Address Taxation Issue in Luna Classic Blockchain

Dear Luna Classic Community,

every time a transaction fails on the Luna Classic Blockchain, not only are gas fees incurred as expected, but also the 0.2% tax is levied, which is not acceptable.
Recently, the first Terra Classic Dex, Terraport, went live, and several users have complained that when attempting to swap LUNC for USTC (example), the transaction fails, but the 0.2% tax is still charged, even though no swap occurred. This issue should be resolved so that only gas fees are incurred when a transaction fails.

The problem arises because a user may want to swap all of their tokens and only leave a few for gas, but may forget about the tax. When there is not enough balance for the 0,2% tax, the transaction fails, but the tax is still charged.

In the interest of the Luna Classic Chain and to avoid misunderstandings and potentially scaring off investors, we should fix this error so that the 0.2% tax is only levied on successful transactions, and only gas fees are incurred when a transaction fails.

This solution will help reduce misunderstandings and inconvenience for users and strengthen investor confidence in the Luna Classic Blockchain. We hope you will agree to this proposal and implement the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention.