Propsal: Full commitment from LFG and DoKwon with their own capital is the only way forward

DoKwon and LFG were extracting 180mil USD of value out of the Luna ecosystem per month, which will surely account for a notable portion of the UST overhang that occurred. They also made numerous (seemingly unintentional) missteps by not shutting the network down when the attack began (despite the fact that validators called for it very early into the attack), by not setting up the on-chain swap to halt when off chain swaps de-peg, and by burning through the supposed 2.5+ billion in BTC reserves while the attack was running (instead of waiting for the attack to finish to then rebuy at a deep discount).

Taking all this into account its very probable that the “attack” was internally orchestrated to some degree and if LFG and DoKwon wish to dispel that notion they will pledge to do a staged buy back of Luna (which will in turn support UST price) after a network re-org (this would work better if they snapshot back to before the attack ran or at the very least identify the attackers accounts and freeze them with on chain governance). They should not only use the remaining crypto reserves to do this but should also campaign to raise more capital from partners while also pledging their own personal wealth (which is mostly derived from the monthly extraction process I mentioned above) towards the buy back program.

Anything short of that and DoKwon and LFG are implicated in a criminal act somewhere between outright fraud, embezzlement, or at the very least gross negligence. That being said, if they do show that they have a spine and are committed to an ACTUAL recovery plan then this would greatly restore faith in the ecosystem and would give Luna a fighting chance of continuing to exist. ANYTHING LESS and they are done for.


Amazing proposal. Do the right thing and refund UST holders with the money you stole from them.

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