SAVE YOURSELF before LFG ɗumps the rest of their reserves

The “rescue” plan chosen by the LFG is the one devised in this thread:

The LFG tweeted that they’re waiting 20 days for their Luna funds to be unbound from the staking. This means we have 20 days to ɗump on them before they ɗump on us:

CZ from Binance already supports this proposal:

And this is the tweet where the guy mentioned by CZ directly links to that proposal:

Other billionaires such as the co-founder of Three Arrows Capital are also supporting this proposal for the LFG to ɗump Luna:

Now you know. If your Luna funds are still worthy anything, ɗump everything and save yourself. The LFG is going after the money of the people who bought at the bottom.

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But LFG only holds $40k of LUNA.

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I think what he meant was that the direction of LFG is going towards is FORKING. Not the revival from the mess that they themselves made in the advent of the attack.

Exactly and that’s why they want to fork to re-distribute coins such that they hold the majority. The proposal of fork is all about control not creating value.

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I don’t think anyone buying in this position now won’t get back anything in return!

silly question here…but why can’t there be two versions running? Much like eth vs eth classic, and then one team works to patch the current network while the other team does whatever they want with their fork?..

Fork is needed to protect interests of “6.9T v1” interests who currently have no governance representation. LFG weighted votes, and small LFG pool, can help pre-depeg holders which is a much larger number of people than current luna state holders.

Let v1 maxis and v2 maxis separate/divorce but still cooperate on cross chain trade.


You fork and that’s the end of Terra. U don’t get to fork because you don’t like the distribution anymore. That’s called fraud


I really scared

The Luna doesn’t show anything at the moment. The Post-Morten not yet…nothing!

sorry but this what i see fork => exit s c a m
why they dont buy back and burn ???