Re-enable IBCs to Osmosis, Juno, and Crescent

Why is there still like 1.8Bn USTC in LFG wallet and another 400M in Anchor?

Lets go :slight_smile:

@ek826 Could you answer?

Every plan and proposal from you and Vegas is approved by me and the Lunaclassic community. Thank you for your efforts :pray::pray::heart::heart::heart:

BIGGG YESS for me!

Vote YES

Hey asp1n,
For the very immediate future, there are validators that are willing to open relays, using pooled funds from their own pockets.

However, for the short-mid future, I anticipate this needs to be funded by the community, so it will have to do something similar to what PFC proposed (and passed) with prop 929
The discussion for this was here,

For the long term, I think the plan would be to upgrade ibc-go to adopt ICS029

are you saying your LUNC was unstaked without your knowledge? if so your seed phrase must be compromised. do not send any more funds to the wallet.

osmosis and frontier are the same blockchain. just different front-ends