Reason why Do Kwon wants to fork

He needs to bailout VCs(Arrington XRP Capital, Pantera Capital, + ~20 more) for their investments.
They invested so much, I am sure DK’s priority is to find ways to help them out first.

But why do they need to be bailed out with fork or new LUNA(v2)?

It was their choice to take risks and put their money into Terra just like everyone else.
Nobody put pressure on them to invest - they voluntarily took risk.

Does stock market bail VCs when certain stocks plunge and go zero?
Do individuals get bailed out when their investments go zero?


Logic of creating LUNAv2 / fork is just absurd logic that is only hovering around in crypto space.

Starting NEW with huge amount of supply allocated to VCs is absolute BS.

This needs to stop, the root cause of this whole mess lies with Terra and they need to
either take responsibility or cease to exist.


Yep, lets do scheduled forks to rollback to all time highs every time market slumps, easy money. To think of it, btc should do the same, i was holding when it hit 68k , can cash out again. who needs time machine.


The community needs to start hammering on everyone associated with these people. Start demanding answers. Almost all have been silent and offered nothing more than “We’re sorry.”

Kakao Ventures
HashKey Capital
LuneX Ventures
Coinbase Ventures
Galaxy Digital
Binance Labs
Huobi Capital
Jump Capital


Yes, that true, silence scream rug pull, they short it and make gains , now it time to refund victims.

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It is not so easy to bail this out now. Those would rather just avoid and start new or whatsoever

Saving VCs means starting new with huge portions of supply allocated to them. Everyday investors will be left out in ashes lol.