Rest to returns different value than query using terra.js/anchor.js

I am about to do some lightweight widget for anchor protocol and I would like to use simple rest calls instead of using whole anchor.js/terra.js
If I query using anchor.js, I got correct result, eg. aquire pending rewards

anchorcli q staking reward-info terra1se7ml7wt7pqzjhajhw5ma9lnstcs429lmj0wzd
  staker: 'terra1se7ml7wt7pqzjhajhw5ma9lnstcs429lmj0wzd',
  reward_index: '0.283797841612686875',
  bond_amount: '20280038284',
  pending_reward: '1576571'

However, if I query contract using, like
curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json"

I got


Which is weird as block number corresponds to current block number, but pending_reward using lcd is wrong. Any suggestions? Are there any limitations on lcd?